If our food does'nt look like pellets, why does dog food?

Pelletised dog food or kibble is a fairly recent story but seems like de-facto option. It has been sold with glossy commercials and advertising as the ultimate nutrition with convenience for the feeder.

The truth can only be a shadow of all the kibble claims. A extremely high temperature and pressure dependant manufacturing process that makes your dog food at  can hardly claim to be good. If that was the case why aren't we easting anything even close to that yet?

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What's wrong with most
commercial dog foods?

Pet Fooled (1080p) FULL MOVIE - Documentary.

The forever dog

In his Ted Talk, Rodney Habib speaks about how the average lifespan of the dog has reduced to a mere half over the last decade from over 20 years to an average of 10.5 years. His insights on tracing some of the oldest dogs who have lived more than 30 years are mind-blowing.

How its made?

This documentary by discovery channel will leave you aghast at how commercial dog food is made. All those claims on real chicken and meat in the dog food was eye-wash. What remains of the food whose base is corn or starch and, meat is only in 'sprayed form' and which goes through 300 deg celsius can only left to your imagination. yucks!

Good dog food?

This long but equally educating video by Dr. Becker offers great knowledge into how to choose a good dog food and more importantly how to read through the label claims on the dog food bags . A must watch to choose the right nutrition for you doggo.

Making natural feeding easier!

If you are convinced and want to get your dog 100% Natural, species appropriate foods - just like nature intended - move on to our website to see our products.

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